Falling through the cracks

After more than two years of work, happy that this paper on inclusion and exclusion in humanitarian and peacebuilding action in the Bangsamoro is finally out, co-written with Bam Baraguir and John Bryant. This is part of a larger cross-country research project, with the BARMM work supporting similar deep-dives in Nigeria and Bangladesh. Also extremely happy that ODI’s HPG agreed to release the summary in Filipino, Maguindanaon, and Sinug. A Teduray version was initially planned but might not be possible for various reasons.

Full text downloadable here: https://odi.org/en/publications/inclusion-and-exclusion-in-displacement-and-peacebuilding-responses-in-mindanao-philippines-falling-through-the-cracks/

As part of the dissemination process, John and I also had a conversation on the highlights of the study. Timestamps for the good stuff: 3:58 for Datu Shattar Zailon of the Maguindanao-based Moro International Students Association and 9:37 for Fahadah and Ramadan, IDP youth leaders of Reclaiming Marawi Movement.

Miyakapira Ragon so Kapakambabakwit? A Review of Post-Marawi Crisis Rehabilitation and Reconstruction, 2017-2020 (Phindiyorobasaan sa Mranaw)

Kowa-kawn sa kopya “Miyakapira Ragon so Kapakambabakwit? A Review of Post-Marawi Crisis Rehabilitation and Reconstruction, 2017-2020 (Phindiyorobasaan sa Mranaw)” IMANTO DEN!

PDF: bit.ly/IlangTaongBakwitMranawPDF

Google Play Books: bit.ly/IlangTaongBakwitMranawGPB

May be an image of text that says "Miyakapira Ragon SO Kapakambabakwit? So Kiyasosona Milay, Kiyaperogorogoda ago Kiyapamandapati ko gii Katharagombalaya ago Kaphagompiyai sa Marawi ko Oriyan Kiyasanaat, 2017-20201 Olowan a Kiyamamesan (Key Findings) mapasad katharagombalaya pharoman Marawi oriyan tonganay inge Pilipinas baden ko bitiyara kamamanosiyai kapakasasarig ginawa. programa Marawi ago manga kiyabinasaan manga kakhapasad darepa oriyan kiyaipos miyakaphipira kiyathidawa inged kiyambonowai kapakambalingan tantara sa Pilipinas, Marawi tindoa gawii maminos 2022 pemans kakhapopos lalayon phekindod manga Misabap kiyalangga kapakambalingan pimbarang tantoa miyalanggay kapakabawi 56 pimbarang gobirno ko khisosophon probinsiya Bangon Marawi (TFBM) opisina gobirno Rodrigo Dutertesii rangkom shatimanena sangan adena ibebegay lawda (autonomous). Miyakapira Ragon Kapakambabakwit? 01"
May be an image of text that says "Urgent concerns for the Marawi Rehabilitation O OPEN DATA Available accessible data Marawi rehabilitat forms useful residents P COMPREHENSIVE ASSESSMENT and analy current spread IDPs ADEQUATE FUNDING Provide adeguate government Marawi Compensation SAFE, LIVABLE SHELTERS Address climate- and pandemic- related COMMUNITY-LED REHABILITATION UTILITY SERVICES Reconstruct essential infrastructure electricity, LIVELIHOOD Provide economically livelihood and microfinancing options EDUCATION Reconstruct schools lended students learning systems ENVIRONMENT Address the environmental impacts Lanao watershed 16 Miyakapira Ragon so Kapakambabakwit?"
May be an image of text that says "mipantag kabokaan assessment) kabotawanan manga mambebetad mapakalawlad inged kiyalanggay madakel manga inged ilmo (datar elu patot madakel manga ago panagontamanko manga kambalaya manga ogop/ panabang manga AMAD MANGA THOTOL DATA). malebod rakes magaan okita ago amad mipantag katharagombalaya mala-i osba pagtaw maginged SERBISYO KHAWSEBAAN Mapakalawlads PAMANDAPAT manga serbisyo paka- korente, telepeno ago nggolalan manga pamandapatan somosonged kiniparak manga analysis),a kapapantagan bakwit (economically para -apas manga Mranaw pamirak pondo Compensation KATHONTO MAPIYA (EDUCATION). manga eskwelaan PAMIKIRAN TAWN, KAPAGINETAW BABALINGAN system) estudyante masangor kathontot miyanga-rarambita manga manga mosim (pandemic) babalingan tatap mapontarya somanga mapiya meliliyotaleb (Lake watershed) (COMMUNITY-LED madakel Ragon Kapakambabakwit?"

Giyangkai a piyaka-kampet a osayan, phindiyorobasaan ago initogalin sa basa a Mranaw i Tirmizy E. Abdullah, Ph.D., na miyapento ago miyapakarayag iyan so manga olowan a kiyamamesan ago so manga mosawer (recommendations) phoon ko asal a miya-amad a thotol a inisorat i Ica Fernandez ago piyaki-bembar a INCITEGov ko October 2021. (Ilayangka sa: https://www.facebook.com/106515049435895/posts/4604566522964036).

Sii ko taman a kakekenalawn ko October 2021, na 17,060 a manga pamilya na kasasagadan iran so karamosayan ko kiyalanggay o kapakambabakwit / kapakapago-oyag sabap ko kiyasanaat a Marawi ko 2017 (2017 Marawi siege). Liyo roo pen, na o da a Marawi Compensation bill na madakel ko manga bakwit / maginged na di iran maphembalay sharoman so manga walay iran, taman imanto na da pen maka-apas ago matanto giyangkoto a kitab. Giyai i manga ped ko diden mipheshomala a manga awida-akal ko gii katharagombalaya sa Marawi (Marawi rehabilitation) a paliyogat so masambot a kabegi ron imoleng ago panagontaman, mlagid den so kapapantagan a manga olowan, opisyal, ago bebegan sa kapaar sa baba (local) ago poro (national) a gobirno ago so pen so makaphiphikir a pamangped sa politika a manga kandidato a popontariyaan iran a kapamakataban iran sa kadato ago posisyon ko May 2022 a kapheshasamili sa manga olowan / eleksyon (May 2022 polls). O antonaa i mapheniniyat ago mapipikir a okit o manga kandidato ko kasangora iran a panagontaman sangkai a manga awida-akal mipantag ko kamamanosiyai, kalilinding, kasisiyapa ko pagtaw a ped ko manga plataporma iran na nganin a taralbi a katitikayan ago maiinengka o pagtaw ago maginged.

Ilang Taong Bakwit: A Review of Post-Marawi Crisis Rehabilitation and Reconstruction, 2017-2020

Back in early 2020 I was asked by several Mranaw civil society leaders to help them put together a technical stock-take of available data on post-Marawi Siege reconstruction efforts. At the time, the report of the BTA Special Committee on Marawi had not been written yet, and there was a very real fear that commitments for rebuilding the city and helping residents return home and get back on their feet would be forgotten after the Duterte administration and if the BARMM extension were not approved. Although it seems that the BARMM transition will continue until 2025, these fears of abandonment are still very real particularly with election season in full swing and no Compensation Bill in sight. Everything is still a moving target (just ask the residents of Jolo about what happened to them since the 1970s).

In other countries the standard practice for public responses to massive crisis events would be to conduct a serious assessment, my favorite example being the Multi-Stakeholder Review done three years after the Aceh reconstruction process, covering both tsunami relief and peace agreement implementation with the GAM/Free Aceh Movement. For that to happen in the Philippines, that means that the national government, along with regional and local actors, the private sector and the international development community will need to be open and frank about hard questions that need answering. All we can hope for is that the current commitment of allowing residents to return by December 2021 will be honored, and a real Compensation bill passed into law ASAP.

In the meantime, everything in this report, published by INCITEGov with support from Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung Philippines, is a small yet hopeful initial contribution to the transitional justice and reconciliation agenda. It is by no means definitive, but we try to ask the right questions and point to all the key analysis out there, particularly the BTA SCM report, which is informed by extensive consultations and notably, Mranaw economist Assad Baunto’s thorough analysis; reports from the many CSOs/NGOs and donors working on the ground (including citizen group MRCW and law group IDEALS); by journalists and truth-tellers Criselda Yabes and Carmela Fonbuena; not to mention the thousands of accounts of Mranaw residents and community leaders over the years. The report also benefits immensely from the budget analysis of the NDRRM fund by the Institute for Leadership, Empowerment and Democracy led by Zy-za Nadine Suzara. I’m just sorry that this does not include analysis regarding procurement and implementation quality, or much after year end 2020, which I hope that others can do. All of this is meant to be constructive technical engagement in good faith, which must continue now and well beyond the next few years. And no, this is not about what color you’re wearing or not wearing for the elections—this is about making sure that people get to go home, and that future commitments to all IDPs everywhere will be honored regardless of whoever is in power in Cotabato and Malacanang.

The report is now available for download on the following platforms:

– as PDF bit.ly/IlangTaongBakwitPDF

On Google Play Books: bit.ly/IlangTaongBakwitGPB

P.S. Our service is to the living, but this too must honor the dead, including the peaceworkers who made this possible — birthday celebrant sa langit ma’am Linky, ma’am Dinky Soliman, and sir Gus C.